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Those watching the pending $26 billion merger between EchoStar and DirecTV continue to approach the Federal Communications Commission with their thoughts on the proposed transaction.

Earlier in the month, WSNet submitted a letter to the FCC clarifying that it does not oppose the merger, but recommended that if the deal is approved the merged entity should adhere to some conditions.

One of those conditions would be to require the newly merged company to relinquish its license for one high-powered DBS orbital location, which could then be given to WSNet, the company said. The merging companies have fought the idea of relinquishing spectrum, saying the ability of a merged satellite TV company to offer local TV channels across the country or improving satellite broadband would be lost with such a move.

In its letter, WSNet said FCC Media Bureau Chief Ken Ferree requested that the company propose language for the condition. WSNet said it would, in the very near future, provide the proposed wording to the commission.

EchoStar also has been at the FCC on merger matters. The company contacted the FCC last week asking for meetings with commission staff to talk about a number of items, including DBS spectrum efficiency/satellite capacity issues, broadband via satellite benefits with the merger, and national pricing for services. The request was detailed in an ex parte filing at the FCC.

In another move, the FCC is asking for comment on a request from EchoStar and Hughes, parent of DirecTV, to build and operate a new satellite at 110 degrees, contingent on approval of the merger. Comments are due May 20.

From SkyReport (Used with permission)
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