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wtvh 5 in Syracuse

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wtvh 5 in syracuse not working for me. Just got the hd channels now i want to see the football game and its just a black screen. Anybody else having the same problem
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According to the WTVH website:

We are experiencing technical issues with our over-the-air digital signal. This does not effect all other CBS 5 WTVH signals including channel positions 5 and 855 on Time Warner Cable.
Hasn't been on since Sunday. Missed a bunch of recordings.

D* seems to be giving us the network feed for non-local content, at least (thank you!). Anybody know if that's something they need to get permission from the lo-cal station (or FCC) to do? Or can they just do it on their own.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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