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Xantech IR Application Advisory HR20/21

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While digging for something else I tripped over this on their web site. Just FYI if no one else has ever found it.
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Thanks, I have my entire system setup with Xantech, while I've had issues, I guess I figured out how to adapt to the sensitivity.
Thanks. Nice to see this officially written up. Saved.
I still say there’s something more to this than just an “extremely sensitive” IR receiver on the HR2x. Mine worked for well over a year with the emitter stuck directly over my HR20-700’s IR receiver window. One day, it suddenly stopped working. Moving the emitter an inch away from the window worked. It just makes no sense that something could be fine for many months and suddenly be more sensitive. My guess is it’s either a failure in the IR receiver components or a software issue. Still, it's good to see Xantech responding like this.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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