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You can block access to the channels on your XM radio that frequently use explicit language (XL).

The following channels are designated explicit language:
41  Boneyard        Hard Rock
48  Squizz          Hard Alternative
53  Fungus          Punk, Hardcore & Ska
65  The Rhyme       Classic Hip Hop
66  Raw             Uncut Hip Hop
150 XM Comedy       Uncensored Comedy
153 Laugh Attack    Uncensored Comedy
202 High Voltage    The Opie & Anthony Show
How XM defines explicit language (XL) channels:

XM designates a channel with an "XL" notation when the programming content on the channel
contains frequent explicit language, which may include indecent, profane, vulgar, offensive, or
otherwise inappropriate material that may not be suitable for all audiences.

To block access to these channels, go to http://www.xmradio.com/parentalcontrols/index.jsp
Enter your Radio ID and billing zip code in the space provided, then check the box to confirm
that you own the radio and want to block explicit language channels, the click on 'submit".


1) Make sure your radio is activated before you attempt to block channels.

2) If your radio came installed in a new vehicle, you will not be able to block channels until you
complete the activation process. Call XM 1-800-967-2346 to activate your XM satellite radio

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Richard, with the Roady XT, you can store up to 30 of your fav channels on pre-sets and
ignore the garbage. If you have more than 30 favs, make a list then key them in directly.
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