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Xp Sp1 Beta Leaked Photos and Info

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This site is showing photos and offering beta downloads of XpSp1 that is due out later this summer. Think I will pass on the downloads, but the photo's are interesting. They are also offering a work around for the folks who are using a bootleg version of the Os, whom under normal circumstances would be blocked from receiving this Sp1, and there are alot of them out there. enjoy, Jackie

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Just curious, but why would users of a pirated XP be unable to get SP1? I mean, the pirated version of XP is the same as a volume license edition and can use Windows Update the same.
Okay, what they did was block the FCKGW key (by far the best known pirate corporate key), and issue the company wit the FCKGW key a new one. This doesn't block other piracy methods that require more work (actually generating a valid key for activation), nor does it block simply using a dfferent corp. key. Note, I in know way support piracy, as it is against the Biblical teaching to follow man's laws - I'm simply looking at this from a technical - what is MS doing to protect themselves - point of view.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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