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YES Network Question

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I was a D* subscriber for many years and had to switch to Cable 3 years ago due to a wierd problem that could not be corrected. All of the Yankee games were blacked out for me, even though according to the YES Network my zipcode
(08510) should be eligible to receive the games. I spent close to a year arguing with D* and YES, and apparently it was an issue with the fact that 085XX was split with some of the codes eligible for the games and some not. It appears that D* can only block a zipcode by the first 3 digits so the entire 085xx was blocked form the games. I would like to switch back to D*, but I am having trouble confirming that I will ge the games on YES.
I was hoping that someone on this Forum was in my zipcode or at least in 085xx and could verify that the Yankee games are not blocked out.

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I've never heard that problem.

You live in Monmouth County, so you should be able to get YES.

Near where I live, there are people with a Princeton zip code. Princeton Borough is in Mercer County (outside the YES region), but the zip code extends beyond town lines and includes thousands of of people who live in Somerset and Middlesex counties (inside the YES region). I wonder if they are cut out of receiving YES too.
Another solution is make sure you get the MLB Extra Innings package as well as the sports network? package.

Whenever the game is blacked out on YES, you shold still be able to watch it on whichever channel carries the broadcast from the team the yankees are playing.

In the past this has been true for all games other than the FOX games on saturday.

Of course, MLB seems to change the blackout rules every year. So this might not be true in 2007.
I live in Monmouth Cty (Ocean twp.) and I get YES network. And even YES HD when they play at home.
I don't want to pay for the MLB package for no reason, when I am in an area that should be getting the games on YES. I get YES on my Cablevision service with no blackouts. I only have the problem with DirecTV, that is why I switched to cable. I would love to switch back, but not if I can't get the Yankee games.

What is your zipcode?

This is so frustrating. This is the only thing really holding me back from switching back to D*. I cannot confirm that the games will not be blacked out and I don't want to get locked into a 2 year commitment without knowing for sure.
I will start asking around town and see if anyone in the zipcode has D* so I can be sure.

Ghengis, My zipcode is 07712. Ocean/Asbury Park NJ. Like I said before I never had any Yes games blacked out. The only Yank games blackouted are the ones shown are the national ones shown on ESPN....But, they are aired on Yes. Also, like I said. Most home games are shown on YES HD.
Yeah, I get all of the games on Yes and YesHD through Cablevision, but my 08510 zipcode was an issue with D*.

Here is my response from D*, so I guess I am sticking with Cablevision:

"Dear Mr Hahn,

Thanks for writing. I'm excited to hear that you are interested in coming back to the DIRECTV family.

Unfortunately, the same situation exists for customers in the 08510 zip code. New Jersey customers within ZIP code range 08000-08699 get YES Network, but won't get Yankees baseball games on YES Network. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

In order to take advantage of our exciting new offers for returning customers, please call us at 1-800-739-4388 and a service specialist will be happy to discuss the details of the offer. If you have it, please have your old DIRECTV account number handy when you call so we can quickly assist you.

Thanks again for writing. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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DIRECTV Customer Service"

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