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Yes Ntwk and Ny locals on wing slot....

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Placed my questions with a talking head for tonight's Charlie (boring) Chat...(These chats are just a WASTE OF TIME!)

For what I was told....talks with Yes Network are going nowhere...So just forget it unless you either a)drop E* and go with D*

b) if merger is approved, they may not make Yes available. That's

pure BS!

The remaining NYC locals on the wing slots (61.5) will remain there. PERIOD!

E*8 is just a bk/up and to serve or add more locals.

You know what...I hope this merger is denied....When that happens...Hello Directv!
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What a great deal for NYC subs:) As if space wasn't at a premium already, but having to have two dishes to receive all of the locals. It isn't like you're the largest DMA in the country or anything.

BTW - what is stopping you from switching to D* now? (I'm just playing devil's adovcate).
I'm with rolou21 here. I want to see how the merger pans out before I decide to make an investment to switch. The issue of YES is significant to most NY and NJ sports fans.

As much as I like Dish for everything else, I don't see what Dish would have to offer me to keep them. I feel very slighted by them in that if D* could get the YES deal done, then why not E*?

Sounds personal to me, but regardless, I am not a happy subcriber.

Besides, the D* Tivos seem to be MUCH nicer than the E* PVRs....

Quickly, D* has YES, more PPVs (not a big deal), Tivos and UTVs all for a comparable price. I believe both carry the NY DMA locals in total (must-carry laws), so what do I really lose besides the money?
Not to mention D* doesn't require a second dish for NY locals...
If there is a merger does every program provider (Espn, YES, USA, etc) have to get a new contract with the new Dish/Directv company.
Or does one contract (directtv or dish's) take effect...
I'm a Yankee fan so you know what I am thinking about..
Dishnetwork is keeping the wing satellites to make a point. They do not like must carry, they lost their court cases. Now they do wing sats so that they can claim progress if the merger goes through.

Some of the smaller markets would have no trouble with wing sattellites for their locals.
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