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Which of the following best describes your R15 experience?

  • I'm a DUAL-TUNER user and SATISFIED by R15 reliability.

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  • I'm a DUAL-TUNER user and NOT SATISFIED by R15 reliability.

    Votes: 13 54.2%
  • I'm a SINGLE-TUNER user and SATISFIED by R15 reliability.

    Votes: 11 45.8%
  • I'm a SINGLE-TUNER user and NOT SATISFIED by R15 reliability.

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Yet another survey: tuner configuration as a factor explaining reliability

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I know that some of us are tired of surveys. Those readers who fit that bill, please stop reading now. I apologize for having distracted you. I confess that I wonder why you clicked through to read this thread. But, that's your business. :D

Those who are willing to suffer yet another survey may be able to help me answer a persistent question. Specifically, some of us believe that having a one-tuner setup is a factor contributing to unreliability. I'd like to detect and quantify that effect.

If you'll respond to this survey, I'll collect and statistically analyze the results (using a chi-square hypothesis test). Specifically, I propose to test the hypothesis that users of single-tuner systems report a less satisfactory level of reliability than users of dual-tuner systems.

I anticipate that the hypothesis will bear up. If it does, I'll follow up by posting some additional survey questions designed to quantify the effect.

Thanks for your participation. I wish you all a trouble-free R15 day.

P.S. I spent considerable time thinking through the survey questions. Some of you realize, from personal experience, how hard it is to properly write such questions. In fact, the rule of thumb is that the goal can't be achieved without a pilot test, which is not feasible in this context. So, I apologize for any defects. However, I would love to hear about any defects that readers find. I may learn how to avoid similar defects in the future. Thanks!
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How are you defining reliability? I'm satisfied that mine will record everything I tell it to (although sometimes more :D ). However, I'm not satisfied with the unit as a whole.
Are you counting everything towards reliability? Caller ID, channels I get, trick play bugs with the buffer? Or just recording and playing back what you tell it to? I'm on the fence right now.
Rather than impose a definition of reliability, I'm leaving the definition to the respondents. This ducks some problems while it raises others. But, fundamentally, I'm interested in users' perceptions. So, it's reasonable to let respondents define the concept however they choose. You can include or exclude any aspect of reliability according to your good will.

I do hope that most folks have some decent understanding of the term "reliability." But, however one tweaks the words, the responses will tend to reflect subjective satisfaction over any more objective construct. Sophisticated arguments to the contrary notwithstanding, that's the nature of surveys. They tend to reflect opinion. And, one dimension (factor) or another tends to overshadow everything else. I'm trying to make this work for, rather than against, me.

The two big holes in the methodology are bias and bias <g>. I doubt whether the membership of this site is representative of R15 users at large. I suspect--without benefit of good evidence, mind you--that they're relatively more sophisticated technically and that they're relatively less satisfied. Adding to this bias is the tendency for dissatisfied users to be more likely to expend the effort necessary to complete the survey. So (unless the result is that there's no difference in satisfaction), the survey will tend to overstate the case for user dissatisfaction.

But, there's no cost-effective way of avoiding that bias. I don't have a means to contact users at large and compel them to complete a survey. I can't achieve that within even the limited context of the membership of this forum.

Most surveys suffer from bias. A good research report will at least discuss the issue. Many reports fail even that test.
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