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tkrandall said:
I'm looking to take the jump to a DLP or SXRD HD set, which would be my first HD set. All of this talk about major problems with the new MPEG4 boxes has me very concerned about going with the D* HD option at this time. In particular the 2 year requirement when E* allows you to not commit.

I'd like some feedback on just how good/bad the HR20 is. My current set up (which would remain) is 2 SD DirecTIVO HDR40 boxes, which have worked like a charm for 2.5 and almost 3.5 years now.

Would you were an SD customer, would you jump to D* HD offering at this time?
i believe the following is all true and fair:

If you are very fond of the Tivo interface, you might have troubel adjusting
If you get a HR20 that does not have issues you will be proabbly be very happy , once you adjust to the interface.
If you get a HR20 with issues, you will curse the day the HR20 was invented and DTV stopped allowing Tivo to develop integrated boxes.

just know the risk exists and whether you want to deal with the potential issues.

So you can judge my opinion:
I DO NOT have a HR20.

I have 4 Dtivos. i like them alot. I bought and R15 and disliked the interface but that was personal taste. I de-activated it due to numerous bugs (see R15 thread). Since then I have acquired an additional 2 Dtivos to get me to my current 4.

THe tale of the HR20 seems to similar to the issues of the R15 and that has taken over 13 months and counting to fix...but it DOES NOT happen to everyone.

Despite the fact the issue is inthe software and everyone has the same software..

I am admittedly anti -DVR+. So take that as you choose, but I would not move to DVR+ boxes at this time...if you do keep at lest one Tivo active as a backup for the most important shows.
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