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Z Gold is pemium Indian channel. It is in the Jumbo and Mega South Asian Packages and can be purchased for $19.99/month a la carte. It is on ch 617 on 61.5 and 148.


From Mark: Fixed satellite typo...:)

Thanks Mark :)

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free preview of both Zee Gold and B4U according to Dish CSRs this weekend.

Zee TV announced this free preview awhile back for Zee Gold so it seems the people who wanted the free preview were Zee TV US. Now Dish is giving B4U also for free preview.

When its Dish's idea to do free preview, they announce the free preview on Zee or TV Asia or SET, its very last minute and its the same lady from channel 580 I think with the international accent. I find it annoying.

However, this time it was done by Zee and they announced it very early on Zee TV, and list the movies that will be free for the weekend. Also the graphics are same as what Zee uses, not what KBS uses.

I think the folks that have digital cable and get Zee TV alacarte are probably getting this Zee Gold free preview, however the digital cable companies only carry Zee and TV Asia, and dont carry Zee Gold.

Zee Gold is only available on Dish Network, and thats it.

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folks that subscribe to digital cable and take Zee TV, must be getting commercials for free previews of Zee Gold, but they cannot get this channel since the cable companies dont carry it. Some cable companies offer Zee and TV Asia. None I know carry SONY Entertainment or Zee Gold.

All these channels dont seem exclusive to Dish except possibly B4U, but DirecTV still opts not to take much interest in international except Spanish and 1 Chinese Channel. They could have added Israeli Network, Arirang TV Network but chose not to. Glad atleast Dish takes some interest in adding programming from around the world.
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