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Zeroes on 103 for all HR* and H* receivers

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This forum is always helpful to folks, and I try to help as well. However, I need some opinions on what happened to my 103 signals. We had a wicked storm Sunday night (straightline winds, lightning close by, etc) and on Monday morning we had 771's for all HD channels. We have a Slimline dish, WB68 multiswitch, grounded groundblock, one R15-300, one HR20-100, and one H21-200. When I did a signal check on the H* DVR and receiver, the 99, 101, 110, and 119 had signals from 95-100 on all relevant transponders. 103 was all zeroes on the HR20 and H21. The R15-300 had 95-100 signals on the 101.

The BBC's are fine according to the channel 490 and 491 check. D* is coming today and I want to confirm my strong suspicion that my 103 LNB got fried. I can't pin it on anything else due to the very strong signals on all sats except 103.

BTW, the dish appears fine structurally and none of the LNB's (I don't know which is the 103) have water in them. Just curious as to thoughts from the collective intelligence of this site!
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It was the multi-switch. D* replaced and we are good as new.
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