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Zoomed 4:3 SD picture is smaller when output from my 722 at 720p than at 1080i

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Interesting experiment I tried - when zooming a 4:3 SD image, the generated image is actually noticeably smaller horizontally and vertically when output from the 722 at 720p vs. 1080i.

This difference is not seen on HD channels, nor, for that matter, with SD content output from any of my other devices that can output SD at 720p or 1080i, but only from the 722.

As an example, when viewing AMC at full zoom, the bottom of the AMC logo completely fits on-screen and very thin pillar bars are seen on the sides when the 4:3 image is output as 720p.

But when output as 1080i, the bottom horizontal line of the AMC logo goes missing and the image fills the full 16:9 screen.

Anyone else? Artifact of the 722 or of my display?
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Nope, a plasma.

I see the same on my Sony LCD.

Use something on the edge of the screen - like the aforementioned AMC logo - and you'll see it.

I do with two different 722s feeding two different HD sets.

It's only when displaying a 4:3 image using "zoom" mode; there's no difference in picture dimensions when viewing a 16:9 image from an HD channel in normal mode using 720p or 1080i on either device.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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